About Us

Mission Statement:

Homer Physical Therapy was created to offer the most effective and efficient PT services better than the top rehabilitation centers around the country and around the world. Our goal is to work with you to create the best version of yourself so you can get back to life without pain or limitations. We accomplish this by providing the most up to date, evidence-based practices. Our team is highly qualified with board certifications and specializations that set us apart from other physical therapy clinics.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to to be a center of excellence in delivering cutting edge PT services. We want all of our patients to receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment to return them to all of life’s adventures.

I credit Homer Physical Therapy with keeping me in a condition where I can Alpine ski all day long, seven days a week, compete in bike races and do most anything else I desire. Hopefully they will be in my corner when I hit my 60’s and 70’s for I do not plan on giving up any of these activities without one heck of a fight!

– Michael Warburton