Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the primary health care specialty for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of issues of that limit movement and function. Modern physical therapy is a far cry from profession’s beginnings in which therapists relied heavily on use of hot packs, ice, general exercise and painful joint mobilizations.

At Homer Physical Therapy, the goal of treatment is to provide restoration of function that is meaningful for each person we work with. For one, this might mean being able to sleep through the night without pain and for another it might mean being able to ski race for 50 kilometers. Our hour-long, one-on-one appointments enable us to customize treatment plans based on the unique needs of our clients through the use of a variety of methods including education, hands-on therapy, and exercise and movement training grounded in a healthy balance between science and common-sense.  We often work with clientele that have not had complex needs met elsewhere and we enjoy the journey of working with clients with challenging conditions.

It is our policy to use our time with our clientele providing highly skilled physical therapy services rather providing overly expensive access to equipment or treatment options that can be utilized elsewhere such as a gym or even home.  Why should a motivated individual pay physical therapy prices to ride a stationary bike if truly skilled supervision is not required for this task? Additionally, our physical therapists do not do documentation on our client’s time nor do our therapists utilize electric modalities such as electrical stimulation as a means to manage a heavy case load.  Our client’s scheduled time is their time. Our values of respect, knowledge and empowerment shape how we communicate, schedule, evaluate and treat each and every client.

Physical therapists are currently graduating from accredited physical therapy programs with the doctorate in physical therapy degree, or the DPT. This degree requires completion of four years of college and three years of graduate level work in a physical therapy program.  Physical therapy may be ordered by a physician when it is believed such a course of treatment would be beneficial, but Alaska’s healthcare is a “direct access” system, meaning individuals may choose to seek the advice of a physical therapist without a physician referral. Insurance companies may however, require a referral to meet their policy guidelines.

Techniques We Utilize

  • Manual Therapy
    Myofascial Release
    Craniosacral Therapy
    Connective Tissue Release
    Feldenkrais®-Based Movement
    Breath Work
    Joint Mobilization
    Strain-Counter Strain
  • Strengthening
    Movement Awareness
    Core Stabilization
    Ultrasound / Phonophoresis
    Electrical Stimulation
    Pregnancy-Related Supports
    Custom Foot Orthotics

We treat:

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction (women’s and men’s)
  • Women’s Health including prenatal/post-partum care
  • Overuse injuries
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Chronic pain
  • Post-surgical conditions