Massage Therapy at Homer Physical Therapy

Massage is a valuable healthcare tool that can be utilized in several ways. Here at Homer Physical Therapy, we value massage primarily for its “rest and digest” power – stimulating the relaxation system that often gets overrun in our modern world by the more frequently stimulated “flight or fight” system. These stress reducing massages, provide an hour of uninterrupted quiet and internal focus that can allow the mind and body to relax and yet recharge.  We also value the skilled touch of our highly trained and experienced massage therapists to provide collaborative care for our physical therapy clientele, when appropriate. Our massage therapists offer additional options for access to a variety of specialized body work techniques that otherwise would not be available in such a small community.

Many of our clients, especially those with complex conditions, quickly learn the value of budgeting and scheduling for a regular massage as a tool in managing their health concerns. In addition to providing the opportunity to relax and recharge, massage provides a time to self-assess stress levels – both physically and emotionally. Massage heightens one’s awareness about tension, holding and guarding that on a daily basis may not be readily apparent. It is through this awareness our clients learn to use this information to make life-style choices that contribute to a healthier and more balanced life.

Fitness and Wellness Coaching at Homer Physical Therapy

Homer Physical Therapy offers progressive movement and wellness education opportunities with our American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. Fran is available for wellness and fitness coaching for those who are simply wanting to move down a path of health and fitness and don’t have issues that need to be addressed by our physical therapists. Her work can be supportive as a highly adept motivator for weight loss and management and as a developer of safe and purposeful exercise for a myriad of needs for maximizing one’s physical potential.

As physical therapy clients near the end of their formal physical therapy plans of care, our fitness trainer often joins us for physical therapy sessions to observe and familiarize herself with the needs of clients who are ready for greater independence in their self-care, but have expressed interest in continuing their journey. Fran is able to provide continued support to monitor and progress exercise programs that were begun during physical therapy and offer opportunities for greater self-fulfillment from the seemingly most basic exercise programs to programs appropriate for high level competitive athletes. Regardless of the purpose and goals of the clientele, Fran brings to every appointment a level of respect and attentional focus that is unparalleled.

The therapeutic massages I’ve received at Homer Physical Therapy have all been a unique learning experience. The folks explain as they go along what they are attempting to accomplish with their movements, and how I can enhance those efforts at that time and in the future.

Rita Jo

“I have learned how to strengthen and engage my core muscles in daily movement and to avoid injury. I have learned to focus my mind, as well as my body.”

Geneil Ballentine