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Good Dog! Good Back!

Folks with painful backs come into the office saying, “All I did was bend over and pick up my socks and my back went out”. Really? A pair of socks did this??? Likely, it wasn’t socks. More likely  it was years of strains and stresses absorbed by the body as the person twisted and bent […]


Finding the “Right Fit” with Exercise Instruction Try to imagine you have finally come across a particular style of pants that you know will be both functional and flattering.  After inspecting the pants closely, the high quality of the fabric and workmanship is evident. The price is reasonable, so you decide to try the pants […]

Why Repetitive Sit-ups and Planking Do Not a Strong Core Make…

Let’s consider muscle imbalance – Not front body muscles verses back body muscles, but rather surface, external, gross movement muscles verses the deep, short and stubby muscles that control arthrokinematic movement.  Arthrokinewhat?? Arthrokinematic movement – the unseen sliding and rolling of joint surfaces relative to each other that accompanies the gross movement of the bone […]

Group Movement Class for Staff at Homer Physical Therapy

Everyone at Homer Physical Therapy recently spent the weekend exploring movement with our own bodies and assisting each other in making discoveries about our restricted movement patterns  during the two-day class titled, “Comprehensive Stabilization Strategies for the Low Back, Pelvis and Hips”. Our friend and mentor, Gordon Browne, PT, from Therapeutic Movement Seminars in Washington […]